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The Songwriter


Born and raised at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Ericca's love of country music runs deep. Her hometown of Mt. Airy, better known as Mayberry, boasts a rich legacy of country and bluegrass music history, which shines through in the way she tells stories through her songs. 


Ericca moved to Nashville in 2019 to hone her craft of songwriting and soon found herself playing many stages across the city. She has been featured at venues including The Listening Room Cafe, The Nashville Palace, and The Bluebird Cafe to name a few. Her honest voice and captivating storytelling are sure to pull an audience in at every show. 


With 13 independent cuts and counting, Ericca has a knack for listening to what artists have to say and translating it into song. Along with writing for others, she released her own project in 2022 that features 9 tracks inspired by growing up in North Carolina.

The mentor

When she isn’t writing or performing, Ericca spends her time working for the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame as an assistant to the Executive Director, Mark Ford.

Among the many hats she wears under that title, one of her favorites is working alongside Carol Ann Etheridge Ford as a song coach for Express Yourself Songwriting Club: a free after-school program that serves four metro middle schools.

In teaching this program, Ericca helps foster a safe environment of community and trust among students, and coaches the next generation of writers to find their creative voice.


the martial artist


Along with her success as a singer/songwriter, Ericca has found success in the martial arts world as well. Following in her father's footsteps (two-time world champion of Sport Juijitsu, Eric Latza), she began training at the age of 4 under his guidance.


She grew up in the dojo, rising through the ranks, teaching her own classes, and competing all along the east coast. She now holds the rank of 4th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate and American Combat Juijitsu, and she currently trains in her small home dojo.

The country girl

When work isn't calling, you can find Ericca at the barn spending time with one of her four furbabies: a Quarter Horse named Ellie. 

Ellie was Ericca's 16th birthday present. After spending many years working alongside her dad as his apprentice in the horseshoeing industry and helping train many project horses, her parents decided it was time she have one of her own.

Ericca and Ellie have tackled many milestones together, including attending college on the coast of North Carolina, managing boarding facilities, and teaching riding lessons, all while Ericca pursued a career in music.

These days, they enjoy each other's company at a peaceful farm just outside of Nashville, where Ellie gets all of the peppermints a retired horse could ask for.

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